School life is often considered to be boring and monotonous. There are some effective ways to change this perception, though. School newspapers and newsletters are great ways to distract students from the routine and encourage deeper thinking, make them aware of the events around, promote socializing through advertised parties, clubs and activities. A new question arises, though – how exactly should school newspapers ideas be chosen and highlighted in order to get students interested and bring some real use to them.

The best source of topic ideas for school newspapers

Out of millions of the possible school newspaper topics, the most widely referred to is “Things going around in a school”. It is sort of a basis on which the newspaper itself is built. Students need to know the currents news, upcoming school changes, important dates and events, information on school clubs or parties. One may say that writing about this down-to-earth stuff is following a beaten path. Sure, there's always a risk of creating something that looks more like an advertisement than a newspaper article. This is where the art and wisdom of an editor step in, making the given school newsletter content ideas appealing to the audience. Thus, try to include information that was not discussed before, such as the following:

● Interview with a headmaster based on school's daily problems, things to improve or be proud of, prospective changes, memories of the headmaster’s own school years, funny moments or jokes from his work practice;

● Unique facts and childhood photos of the teachers;

● Discussion related to the way the school runs, paying attention to the equality of all students and the importance of giving everyone the same opportunities no matter how rich or poor their parents are, especially in public schools;

● Information on when and how the school was founded, pictures reflecting the past of school buildings like “before/after”;

● The origin of the school name, history of sports teams names;

● “This day in school history”. An important or funny event that happened at this very date throughout the whole history of the given school.

Students could also be interested in what's going on in their city or world in general. Some of the news articles ideas may deal with the following:

● “This day in history”. Revealing some famous facts that happened at this very date back in the global history;

● An interview with a mayor of the city led by the school administration. To make it even more interesting, students may submit their own questions on different topics;

● Interviews with artists, musicians, and other famous people in the city.

Topic ideas for middle school newspapers

The school news paper ideas given above form the foundation of the newspaper: they either relate to the school directly or offer a review of local and global news. The keyword here is “news”, and the newspaper has to deliver news first of all. But the better an experienced editor gets to know his young readers, the more he believes that news themselves cannot satisfy inner requests and needs of the students. The approach to creating any piece of information for students should be based on their current interests and questions they seek answers for. On the contrary to the word “news”, the keyword “question” brings much more opportunities for coming up with school newspaper ideas.

Indira Gandhi once said, “The power to question is the basis of all human progress.” Middle school newspapers, for example, need to give teenagers a chance to ask and find answers to sensitive questions they are interested in. The problem is that there is most possibly no one who would listen to them and lets them speak their minds out. So editors should not just inform or entertain but also kind of play a role of psychologists. In such a way we can educate and bring up a morally healthy generation. In order to understand clearly what questions are expected to be answered or discussed, the school administration may create a questionnaire and distribute it to students. It could be done in an anonymous way.

The quantity of news article ideas can never be compared to a huge number of ideas related to personal and highly important questions that all teenagers want to discuss. It is possible and even recommended to include “questions-answers” rubric into school newsletters. Students will value those editions that give them a chance to ask questions directly and get wise intellectual answers with the deep understanding of the topic. For a lot of teenagers, it is much easier to write down the thoughts rather than voice them face-to-face. So such an approach may become a solution.

School newsletter information ideas might be as the following:

● Personal fears, fear of authority, being insecure: how to overcome, step by step;

● How to be yourself and not assimilate with the crowd; wise limits to liberty;

● Why we exist and what makes the difference between existing and living;

● How to build a strong relationship;

● How to make friends;

● Idols and copying others: taking people as personal examples;

● How to get accepted in society;

● Friends and studies: where the balance is;

● How teen alcoholism is rising and what should be done;

● How to prevent teenagers from using drugs;

● Fighting bad habits;

● Fashion: a trend or catastrophe.

Topic ideas for high school newspapers

Topics for high school students are even more challenging and need digging deeper. The given information has to be more academically based and intellectual in order to appeal to a student. High school newspaper ideas should focus more on the fact that teenagers of this age start thinking and behaving like adults. Thus, school newsletter title ideas need to be attention-grabbing, giving the impression that content will be meaningful with a serious and mature understanding fit for the given age.

Newsletter or magazine topics ideas may be developed around the following:

● Working together as a community in order to eliminate racial differences;

● Tragedies and conflicts: speaking of this spreads awareness and such topics appeal to the young audience due to the general trend to keep silent about them. Since they are taboo topics, administrations are often afraid to bring them up for discussion. It is important to know the truth and the way things really happened. Firstly, it shows different aspects of the problem and, secondly, it might prevent further negative issues;

● Vietnam war: reasons, facts, life stories, consequences;

● Depression and suicide;

● Cancer and what to do if this happens in one’s family;

● What to do if someone wants to take advantage of you.

Long story short, school newsletter ideas should lead to the development of the critical thinking of the readers. Nothing shapes a personality better than getting to know different opinions on one and the same topic and then finding one’s own answer. It leads to maturity and this is exactly what teenagers long for. Controversial issues – this is what fits the needs of teenagers perfectly, lets them speak out and get their own understanding of “heavy” topics such as:

● Gay marriages, homosexuality; interviews with real people rather than just a personal opinion of the editor;

● Why do girls feel like being a “Virgin” is a bad thing?;

● Aim and way of life;

● Being extraordinary and eccentric;

● War and peace problem: fighting or not.

School newspaper design and layout: basic rules

Apart from the right content, there is one more thing that needs to be done professionally – design. Even the best school newspaper article ideas may turn out to be totally worthless if they are not organized in an eye-catching manner. What are the essential points on which school newspaper design ideas should be based?

  1. First of all, it is color. Humans perceive most of the information through eyes, and color is exactly what captures our attention at once. The general design should be made in a single style and to make the newspaper look integral.

  2. Secondly, there should be pictures that coincide with the general style and given information. School newsletter images will be most effective if they are made by students themselves or feature famous people from the school.

  3. Thirdly, font and font size. Titles are best read when they are laconic and capitalized, bolded, easy to find on the page. To bring more attraction to the articles, an editor could make the content coincide with the heading font depending on what kind of information is being presented: speaking about bright events, holidays, activities can be emphasized by thick colorful font, whereas dealing with serious personal issues goes better with classic font.

To cut the long story short, ideas for a school newsletter need to be concentrated on three main requirements: first, interesting title to impress the reader; second, true information and stories; third, connection with the school life. Organizing the work according to these pieces of advice might help the editor to create a newspaper that would be perfect for those who read it.